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Task: To present the local history of Sopron with images, descriptions, a searchable archive, a comparison of old and new images and interactive maps. Commenting requires registration. Language: Hungarian.
Solution: Images and data presented in ordered and systematic pages, tagging, unique jQuery scripts to slide between old and new images, unique ideas to make the interactive maps spectacular. Aesthetic, easy-to-use editing forms for the site's maintainers.
Sopron anno
Task: Single-page design with a number of enlargeable images and a realistic look. Language: Hungarian.
Solution: Unique menu for single-page scrolling, with different jQuery script effects in each block.
In remembrance of Hárs György
Task: Product listing with printable pdf documents. Language: English and Hungarian.
Solution: Product pages by category. The related pdfs appear when you hover over a product.
Biohárs playgrounds
Task: Integration of musical and image elements in a spectacular and attractive way. Language: English and Hungarian.
Solution: Unique menu items, images are shown in a special way, uploaded music is shown with designed buttons. The structure of the site is much different from any other sites.
Balog Edina folk musician
Task: To present cosmetic treatments and the materials used in a simple, user-friendly way. Language: Hungarian and German.
Solution: Single-page site with absolutely unique scrolling effects. Elegant, simple design. Every topic (treatments, events, partners) has its own form to make uploading as easy as possible.
Cosmetics Sopron
Task: To introduce the MiNők circle of friends and its activities, regular uploading of recipes and activities, and regular information about new items available in the charity shop. Language: Hungarian.
Solution: A completely unique design, blocks sized by jQuery scripts, simple editing surface for the editors.
MiNők Sopron - Charity Shop

Have you decided to order a Website or an Introduction Page - or both?

Website (designed by Wahavi): A complex medium, based on the Drupal system, built up of different modules (newsletter, banners, menus, etc.), providing an editing surface and capable of hosting different media formats (images, videos, music), on one or more pages, in one or more languages.

Introduction Page (or Web Calling Card): A single page, editable only by the webmaster (or another competent person), clear, containing basic information, some images and links with simple effects, which can easily be sent to anyone as a link by email. Just like this very page.