Viktor Wallon-Hárs - Photography

Photography and selling photos

I took my first images at the age of 10, on 35mm film, black and white. Then at the beginning of the digital era, I thought it was better not to waste so many rolls just to hide the paper images in my desk. So I turned towards the digital cameras, though never forgot about the old rule: press the shutter only if it is worth it.

One day, a friend of mine told me about a friend of his who did stock photography. I became excited to be able to show and maybe sell (the license of) my photos. I have tried several agencies and found that some were OK, the others were not OK for me.

Later I felt that only doing stock would not be enough, and found Fine Art America, a colourful company that sell prints. Artistic prints. That is what I was looking for.

Now everything is starting to fit together, stock and artistic photos satisfy my desire to make life better and people happier.

There are only two agencies that I prefer, one stock - Alamy, and Fine Art America (or the latter's other brand: Pixels). Please have a look at my portfolios, maybe you find some interesting photos among them.

Three groups of my photos are really worth mentioning:

I also share background infos and interesting experiences of mine and other stock photographers on wahaviBlog.