Here you can browse through all the active websites I have made since 2008. Some of them have got new design during this period.

Mónika Kótai, editor:

There are surely many people who can make websites, and there are surely many people that can make wonderful websites. But for the customer, this is only the first step. Because a website has to be managed, cared for as good owners do, being there, to provide high level service for either the customer or the user. As the editor, I daily experience the safety that Viktor gives by being available, helpful and immensely precise. I wish everybody who decides to have a website made, a webmaster with such advanced knowledge, providing constant support. In brief: Viktor Wallon-Hars.

Károly Tóth, pastor:

I recommend Wahavi Website Works to everybody. He did exhaustive and nice work making the website of our lutheran church in Sopron. We complicated the process with several special requests, but he found good solutions for all of them. We are particularly pleased that the website had been finished some months before the pandemic, so during the emergency, it provides a huge help keeping in touch with the members of our church.

Marianna Kós, mediator:

If you want a unique website, you are in the right place. You may or may not have a plan, you may see some sketch inside, or you may not even know what it would be like, Viktor will surely make it, and he does that on a professional level! He cooperates with his employee with endless patience, empathy, and skill. The perfect result is guaranteed. He is reliable, precise, quick, careful, and you can also count on a still wider co-operation and support than he previously promised. I am grateful for the cooperation, the results, and that he is keeping an eye on it in the future, too!

Júlia Orbán, director:

A legnagyobb elismeréssel szólhatok csak Wallon-Hárs Viktor grafikusi munkájáról. A Pedagógusok Soproni Művelődési Háza keretein belül évek óta készíti a plakátokat, szerkeszti és megújítja a honlapot. Motivációja, elkötelezettsége, precizitása munkája iránt példaértékű. Megbízható, kreatív tevékenysége nagy segítség számunkra. Köszönjük!

I highly appreciate the work of Viktor Wallon-Hars as a graphic designer. He has created the posters and the website of the Culture House for Teachers, Sopron for years now. His motivation, commitment, and accuracy is an example for us all. His reliable and creative work is a great help for us. Thank you!

József Regös Sziránszki, musician:

I can only recommend Viktor Wallon-Hars, he has very good works. He made our website, too, and is managing it as well. It can be seen here:

Gábor Erdélyi Gabo, tattooer artist:

I haven't experienced it before, but Viktor:

  • creates stressless and creative harmony,
  • solves the problems, not tries to sweep them aside,
  • is quick and reliable.

Thanks for that!

Szilvia Kondor, yoga trainer:

I can recommend Wahavi Website Works with all my heart! Viktor has much experience, he is reliable and available, tries to implement every unique idea, and he helps me at any time even after he finished my website, if I should have a question. Thank you for making such a nice, pure, manageable website for me.

Gábor Hargitai, buddhist teacher:

Our work relationship with Viktor is just like the moods, feelings we would like to suggest with our website: flexible, cooperative, solution-centered, calm, even-minded:
Me: "- Hello! Please..."
Viktor: "- OK, it's done."
That's it.
And it's enough.

Ákos Sziklai, architect:

My website is just as I wanted it to be ( I can only recommend Viktor's service. I am completely satisfied with it. Creative, cooperative and patient, it was good to work with him.

Éva Harangozó, owner of the website:

Viktor is an excellent partner in website making. He has ideas, recommendations, innovation, he encourages, while he is precise and fast. The best for me. I thank him again for establishing a website of local history.

Béla Edgár Váli, doctor, chief editor:

Some years ago, I was searching for a web designer to modernize the website Today I know, I found not only a web developer, i.e. Viktor, but a person who is able to rise way above the expectations with his personality, way of seeing, effort to come to synthesis and cooperation - his work and commitment guarantee success.

Mihály Prázmári - wheat grass producer:

I experienced a kind of patience when I first met Viktor, which became clear during our work together. I thought at the very beginning that, since I deal with very rare products, the website should also be as unique as can be. Well, I don't think I could have found a more capable person for this task. I could say plenty of positive words about him, and all would be true. His task in this world is the visual presentation of people's character.

Agnes Tuba, London-dental-implant dental practice:

I wish to take this opportunity to recommend Wahavi Website Works. Our dental practice, in the UK, have been working with Victor for several years. We have found him very professional both in his work and his approach to our requests - he is prompt in replying and the work is done quickly and to a high standard. We are very pleased with the results and are happy with our new website and with the on-going support from Viktor. I am happy to recommend him!

Edina Balog, folk musician:

I always admire the works of Viktor Wallon-Hars. They are imaginative, stylish, reflect the individuality of Viktor. He is the master of what he does, modest, not ostentatious, and exactly the expected, no more or less.
I can recommend his works with all my heart, they are all masterpieces!
He designed my website as well:
I would like to thank him everything!!
I wish Viktor strength and endurance to manage the many orders, which I wish him!

Huszár Márta, pszichológus:

Viktorral honlapot csinálni elmélyült-izgalmas-vicces élmény volt! :)
Érzékenyen figyelt rám, arra, amit szeretnék kifejezni; szelíd türelemmel fogadta a változásokat és precízen dolgozott: semmi elnagyolás, vállvonogatós 'mégbelefér-aktus'...
Ami elkészült, az tükrözi a személyiségem, és békés megelégedettséggel tölt el, hogy így 'keringek a világhálón'... :D
Nem kevésbé, hogy tudhatom: Viktor gondozza is a honlapot!
Mindenkinek szívből tudom ajánlani a Wahavi-honlap tervezést!!! :)

Erzsébet Csizovszki, leader of the MiNők society:

The world of computers and the Internet reveals itself only a little for me. Viktor widened this knowledge several times. Practically, clearly, in a user-friendly way, even in a way that can easily be understood by women. The website made for the MiNők society is a great help in our work.