There are no people identical to each other, neither are two websites. You are full of really good ideas, but you simple cannot realise them? You have no ideas at all, but you are sure that you would need a quality website? Well, meet me, talk with me, and bring all your nice and good dreams, then I will put my experience and knowledge to it. Pour all these into my top-hat, leave a bit to mix, then draw out the world's most beautiful, best website, which is all about you, which has your identity, which was made for you.

My stunt is not over yet. Be your new website's content edited by you or me, I will always be there to help you get over any problems. Just contact me, I will help you out.

How should you imagine this? Let's start with a tour of my existing websites.
The complete collection can be seen here.
Task: To present the local history of Sopron with images, descriptions, a searchable archive, a comparison of old and new images and interactive maps. Commenting requires registration. Language: Hungarian.
Solution: Images and data presented in ordered and systematic pages, tagging, unique jQuery scripts to slide between old and new images, unique ideas to make the interactive maps spectacular. Aesthetic, easy-to-use editing forms for the site's maintainers.
Sopron anno
Task: Single-page design with a number of enlargeable images and a realistic look. Language: Hungarian.
Solution: Unique menu for single-page scrolling, with different jQuery script effects in each block.
In remembrance of Hárs György
Task: Product listing with printable pdf documents. Language: English and Hungarian.
Solution: Product pages by category. The related pdfs appear when you hover over a product.
Biohárs playgrounds
Task: Introduction of a wine bar and resting-place for cyclists with quality images.
Solution: I have taken all the photos myself, so they fit perfectly with the centered content.
Floiger House
Task: A webshop, where the LEGO kits show up spectacularly. Instead of a complicated search block, a simple possibility to have a look at the appropriate kits.
Solution: A completely unique design, the kits are represented by the 3D photos of their boxes. Searching is easy with two different ways. One is a field where key words, expressions or LEGO IDs can be written, the other is a recomendation block, where three features of LEGO kits can be given (sex or age of your child and the hightest and lowest price you want to spend) to have a recommendation. The kits can be flagged to put them aside for later investigation or comparision.
Creative Toy LEGO webshop
Task: To introduce the MiNők circle of friends and its activities, regular uploading of recipes and activities, and regular information about new items available in the charity shop. Language: Hungarian.
Solution: A completely unique design, blocks sized by jQuery scripts, simple editing surface for the editors.
MiNők Sopron - Charity Shop

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